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Executive Functioning/Study Skills

Executive Functioning

Students with executive functioning difficulties often struggle so hard with the process of learning the material that they never truly get a chance to acquire the content. At The Math Connection, our executive functioning coach works with each student to identify underlying issues in executive functioning, then addresses these issues in a way that is comfortable for the student using techniques based on current research. Although each student's needs are unique, some of the more common issues that we work with include: metacognition, organization, task initiation, planning, time management, working memory, intellectual flexibility, and sustained attention.

Study Skills

Did you ever wonder how some students seem to have the time to engage in full schedules of sports/extracurricular activities and still maintain a high GPA? Students who receive good grades don't just put in long hours studying--they know how to study effectively to make the best use of the time they put in. At the Math Connection, we teach you the skills you need to learn material efficiently and make the study process less stressful. Our students not only routinely achieve top grades in middle and high school, but develop excellent habits that carry them through successful college careers.

Some of our Study Skills services include:

•Setting up effective study spaces/organizing materials

•Time management & organization

•Critical reading

•Effective note-taking

•Review & revision

*Research & writing techniques for essays & term papers

•Test taking preparation & strategies


As with all of The Math Connection's services, the exact structure of each session will be determined by the needs of the indivdual student, in order to best help the student improve and achieve.